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”We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music." ~ Albert Einstein

Sound Transmutations are the development of Laura Inserra’s work around the transmutational and evolutive power of music. Laura uses sound and music as tools for healing, as a key to harmonize a group, as medicine for inner transmutation, as a facilitator for creativity, as a boost for intuition, as a guidance for group retreats, as a medium to connect to the intelligence of the body.  


Through sacred sounds, rhythms, and melodies of ancient and modern musical instruments, Laura harmonizes people’s mind and tunes their body, she facilitates and nurtures personal transformation and self awareness. She applies this methodology in one-on-one sessions, as well as in group settingsworkshops, and company retreats.


She also uses this ‘vibrational medicine’ in collaboration with psychologists, life-coaches, scientists, and shamans. In those individual or group sessions, the language-based work of her collaborators is powerfully enabled, complemented, and integrated by Laura’s non-verbal work. Those frequencies bypass the limits of the rational mind and work through the person’s cellular tuning to help shift perspectives, emotions, and patterns, as well as facilitate clarity, guidance, and harmony in life. 


This being a highly non-verbal experience, contact Laura directly for more information or for an introductory consultation.


May you find in her work what you need in order to connect to feelings (body), perceptions (spirit), and realizations (mind), which pure intellect cannot reach.

Explore more of her work at www.LauraInserra.com

Poster Shelter Sea2.jpg

Shelter In Music

Sound Journeys for
Inner Voyagers
A Video Series of Immersive Sound Experiences 
for Self-Exploration & WellBeing
In these sound journeys I combine ancient, contemporary, and costume-made acoustic instruments with shamanic and wisdom traditions. I create a space where you can explore, release, discover, relax and evolve. This is experiential music where you can become an inner voyager and journey into the pathways of your inner landscapes. 

Chamber of AWE at DevCon4

Conceived and Performed by Laura Inserra

DevCon is the annual Ethereum conference for cryptocurrency designers, developers, researchers, and artists.Hosted by the Ethereum Foundation to educate and empower the community to build decentralized applications, and to bring Ethereum protocols, tools, and culture to the world. This is a conference for builders: designers, UX researchers, smart contract devs, blockchain researchers, client implementers, test engineers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, and even artists in the community. 


More info at https://devcon4.ethereum.org

Chambers of AWE

using sound to create transformative experiences

and facilitate the embodiment of consciousness.

Chambers of AWE (Acoustic Waves Emergence) are deep, immersive sound experiences created with ancient and modern acoustic instruments, augmented by cutting edge technology.

Conceived and performed by Laura Inserra, they are a bridge between ancient technology (wisdom traditions and music) and modern technology (high tech and science). 

They are  sound and lighting installations for events, music content for 'nap pods' and meditation apps, soundscapes for inner and outer environment, ambisonic sound architectures, private and group immersive and transformative sound journeys.

At the core of the project are sound sources made by rare modern and ancient worldwide acoustic instruments. Those sounds create immersive environments with a vast spectrum of frequencies which facilitate powerful transformational experiences. In these settings body and mind merge with the sound and transit to deeper inner landscapes journeys, traveling beyond the field of cognitive perceptions. 


Chambers of AWE are unique combination of recorded sound architectures and live performances. Using the most advanced technology, Laura amplifies the instruments’ impact by entering the sound, augmenting it, and yet maintaining the integrity of the original source and its harmonics.

For more info, please visit the official website www.chambersofawe.com

Why Do the Most Forward-Thinking Tech Conferences 

Hire Laura Inserra to Create Their “Decompression Rooms”?

Heading into the 2020s, the most forward-looking corporate conferences create “decompression lounges” where attendees can relax and recharge for a few minutes before diving back in headlong to the intensity and bustle of the conference.


However, most decompression lounges are paltry affairs, with perhaps a little ambient music playing off an iPod, and a tea station and some fruit.


At DevCon4, the main annual meeting for the Ethereum community, the Ethereum Foundation wanted something more immersive, more artistic, and frankly, more decompressive.


The Foundation wanted participants not just to have a relaxing and restorative experience, but one that would also uplift them, and bring them into deeper resonance with their bodies--thus getting more in touch with their creative potential.


That’s why the Ethereum Foundation brought in Laura Inserra, multi-instrumentalist creator of Chambers of AWE.



AWE stands for Acoustic Wave Emergence, 

a fancy term for a simple vision...


Allow people to transport themselves, for as long or short as they want, in an overwhelmingly immersive, sensorily-stunning environment, as harmonized sounds, responsive lights, and acoustic frequencies envelop them.


Laura’s installation took over one of the main rooms of the Prague Congress Centre, one of the largest convention centers in Europe.


She and her team installed 16 concert-hall speakers and 4 subwoofers around the Centre’s Forum Hall, creating an ambisonic sphere. Once you are inside the speakers, you are inside a chamber of sound.


At the center of the space, with a 50-foot custom sound-responsive light sculpture hanging from the ceiling, Laura set up her array of several dozen acoustic instruments from around the world, captured by 12 mics.


Spiraling out from her were arrays of daybeds, where conference participants could lay back, take in the sights and sounds, and trance-port themselves into realms beyond, for moments or hours.


It was an all-encompassing experience for participants. (And awe-encompassing!)


Bring Laura’s Techno-Artistry 

to your next conference or event...

For over a decade, Laura has created environments that highlight the deeply human side of tech, and the need to relax, regenerate, and decompress from the pressures of the world. 


Her goal is not to simply entertain but to create an environment where the music can encompass a wide range of senses, enveloping the attendees with sound and light while they catch a breath, relax, and revitalize themselves in one of the most unique meditation experiences.


Most of your conference participants are probably exploring various forms of mindfulness in order to improve their performance, reduce stress, and connect with higher sources of inspiration. A Chambers of AWE environment at your conference or event will completely transform the way participants relate to your event and to each other. 


Laura is available to create sound-immersive environments from simple corners to massive concert halls, and everything in between--in accordance with your needs, event size, and budget. 


To discuss the possibility of creating a sound-immersive environment for your next conference or event, please contact Laura at info@laurainserra.com

A few testimonials:

"Laura Inserra is a rare example of power, mastery, and grace in the human form.  Her work is unlike anything I have experienced before in my career or life.  Through transformational sound and vibration she enables individuals and groups to transcend the rational mind and access deeper layers of knowing.  She invites participants into an experience that unleashes creativity, emotion, connection and possibility. Part musician, shaman, intuitive, and teacher, Laura will take you on a journey between worlds that you will never forget.  Run swiftly towards this work if you are looking for deeper meaning and new answers to old questions.  Laura is an extraordinary treasure that is a privilege to invite into your life or organization."- Catherine Gray, The Trium Group

"Laura's sound, her music, her inner and outer beauty, the spiritual worlds of the present and past she has opened herself too, are powerful forces that she shares with so many. I have had the great good fortune of working with Laura. As she has with others she helped guide me and allow me to open myself to journeys within myself. It has been transformative for me. I feel blessed and grateful to have met Laura and her sound, her music, her white pure energy. Let her sound and music embrace and envelope you. Enjoy the journey and be open to it." - Robert Rosenthal, Executive Producer at the Center for Investigative Reporting

"Laura is able to use live music and sound to create a field of connection amongst a group that opens them up to go deeper with one another and with the subject at hand. It's a tremendous thing to experience and witness! I'm so grateful she was able to work with us at a recent retreat. Her work is part performance, part facilitation, and part healer. What impressed me the most is not only is Laura a supremely talented musician-- playing so many unique instruments and all with great skill - she's also an insightful and empathetic facilitator who made an effort to understand our overall program and then suggest the best way her offering could augment and help serve the overall mission of the gathering. She added a layer of depth and clarity of facilitation that was appreciated and she really knows how to read a room. It was a joy to work with her!" - Jess Rimington, The Rules