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"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.” Carl G. Jung

The Roundtable of

Inner Characters

(deciphering all the facets that you are)

A practical method to explore, decipher, and develop all the facets that you are. When we say "I", who is it actually? The Wise One in me? the Doer? the Lover? the Caretaker? the Rebel? the Inner Child? Or yet another one of the people sitting (or escaping) my Roundtable of Inner Characters? This method, rooted in archetypes and ancient wisdom, aims to help each person understand deeply who they are, how they function, how to transcend confusion and blockages, and most importantly -- how to authentically and fully lead a "life well lived". Read more...


Encounters with

Remarkable Beings

(interviews that inspire)

Soul to soul, heart to heart, mind to mind conversations with remarkable Beings, around the world. Understanding their journey, their philosophy of Life, the "Why & How" of it all. Learning from their experiences, growing from their Wisdom. 

Sound Transmutations

(the healing power of sound and music)

Life started with 'sound'. Sound is vibration. Vibration creates movement, and through movement everything manifests, transforms, and evolves. We use sacred sounds, rhythms, and melodies of ancient and modern musical instruments, to harmonize people’s mind and tune their body by leading them on ‘Inner Landscapes Journeys’. We apply this methodology in one-on-one sessions, as well as in group settings, workshops, and company retreats in order to facilitate and nurture personal transformation and self awareness.